Advanced Dip Sprayer System

$ 358.99

***The Advance DipSprayer System is CURRENTLY BACKORDERED.***

Turbine and Hose components of the Advanced DipSprayer System. A more powerful, upgraded version of the DipSprayer. This sytstem is desinged for Professional PD Installers and our serious DIY customers. ** This item does NOT include the Spray Gun ** This is to be used as an upgrade feature when a customer already owns a Dip Sprayer Spray Gun.

Benefits of the Advanced System over the Standard DYC DipSprayer include:
  • 5.5 PSI (almost double that of the standard DYC DipSprayer Turbine)
  • 40 foot powerflex hose
  • Increased power, atomization and product flow
  • Produces a even smoother, higher quality finish

System includes:
  • Quick Connect Hose. Approximately 40 feet long, smooth bore (to reduce air temperature) and extremely durable. Hose is kink and impact resitant.
  • 3 Stage Advanced Turbine system